Thursday, March 31, 2011


I think--if you know me--you can ONLY IMAGINE how giddy with excitement I was, when my 6 year old daughter came home with her kindergarten homework assignment last week.  The directive: make a diorama!  Are you kidding?! I was SO excited!! I was pretty much borderline ELATED!! The ideas....the possibilities!! but I had to keep telling myself: this was her assignment--not mine.  As you can see, my involvement was minimal, at best--I took on more of a "managing editor" role--if you will-- or a that of a "design director."  (I swear! I only made the quilt, the pillow, the clothes and the hangers...she did the rest! : )  

The theme was la manana--morning in Spanish, so the idea was to depict an activity that she does in the morning--that is her in her pjs getting dressed (notice the area rug on the floor).  I am pretty sure that the idea (getting dressed) was all hers...Buenos Dias Todos/Good Morning Everyone is the banner that hangs above everything.

As you can see, she is so happy and pleased with how it turned out...I have to say that when I dropped her off at school that morning, I could tell she was so proud of her work.  I probably shouldn't have done as much as I did, but I think the important thing is that we did it together--it was collaborative, I promise! and we had fun doing it.  So, to me, that is the important part--now, I can't wait for her next project.  Maybe it will be something do with the solar system and we can make the planets out of papier-mache! 
: )

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