Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Craft: Needle Felting

Easter preparations continue this week with a project that I have always wanted to try but have been a little intimidated by; but since it falls squarely into the realm of a good technique for making cute little animals--I was left with no choice...I had to try--


Do you know what this is?  Its a dry-felting technique that takes wool roving and using special barbed felting needles that you use--you jab and bond fibers together.  The effect is an almost-sculpting of fibers to three dimensional shapes. Basically you are poking and jabbing with the needles long un-spun wool (trying to avoid your fingers) and shapes take form...its very cool and fairly simple.

And although my first attempt is far from perfect, I think this little duckling (or is it a chick??) passes muster and will go into my daughter's easter basket.  I am hoping to make a bunny for my son, but we'll see how that goes--bunnies have ears and ears seems tricky!   Since, really, truly, I have no idea what I am doing...this post won't be a tutorial, but its more like...HEY! I tried it and its fun!! You should too, but please learn from the experts...

I got the sweet chick idea and instructions from Martha Stewart--of course, where else?

I got a needle felting kit, relatively inexpensive from Weir Crafts.
To get started, you need roving--in various colors.

A foam base to do the poking/jabbing 
on and special sharp barbed needles.

Seriously--watch your fingers...
These sucker are sharp and its hurts when you get yourself!

And that's it...oh, you will need all the little embellishments to make your little creature fancy--that is the really fun part.  

Here are some more helpful & inspirational links:

Have Fun!

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