Thursday, April 28, 2011


We LOVE bubbles...I love them, the kids REALLY love them but honestly, we didn't have such a great bubble system.  Nothing we tried worked super well.  We went thru lots of different types of bottles with lots of different kind of wands--that were mostly just too small.  Also, things could get very, very messy.

Another issue were the containers.  They were either too huge and couldn't be held easily or too little and didn't hold enough bubble solution--but the most likely situation: they got knocked over and the bubbles just spilled everywhere.  BUT, because we love bubbles so much, we just tried to deal...

Then!! I found this great idea--A BUBBLE REFILL STATION--Genius!!  

A huge thank you to Laura at Come Together Kids for her inspired solution.

I picked the dispenser container up at Target for $5.  It works great & I found multiple bubble recipes on-line--I'll share the one that works well for us below...Lastly, the Pièce de résistanceI found GIANT BUBBLE WANDS at Target...they were $2 each and I have to say, they are AMAZING.  Our bubble situation has dramatically improved for the better because of these little guys!!  The kids can hold the containers easily; they can fill up--pretty much--on their own; the kids are able to blow really big bubbles non-stop; and *bonus* are not completely disgusting when they are!  Its like a completely different experience...

I love a good system!!


My Bubble Recipe

4 cups water
1 cup Dawn Liquid Dish Detergent
1/2 cup Glycerin

Mix all together and get to it...You can order Glycerin online or buy it at drug stores.  It not exactly dirt cheap and I've seen recipes, on-line, that substitute corn syrup for the glycerin, but I don't know...
Corn Syrup?? that just makes me think: ANTS!!

Have fun!


  1. I'm so glad you found that Bubble Refill Station so convenient too! It's definitely made my life easier!!

    I'm going to have to swing by Target to pick up some of those Giant bubble wands. I remember getting them last year, but the kids spilled the bubble solution almost immediately and they weren't able to play with them long. Now that they can refill, they'll love them, I'm sure.

    Laura @ Come Together Kids

  2. Thanks Laura!! Seriously, next to the bubble refill station, the giant bubble wands will change your bubble life! : )

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  4. Thank you so much for the fun idea. I posted a link to it here.

    Stay and Play

  5. That is such a time saver & kid pleaser! Thanks for linking up with Fun for Kids Friday.