Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Our Garden - Chapter Two

Greg & the kids had their Spring Break last week and they worked hard to get our vegetable garden plot ready for planting.  We had some spare bricks from the enclosed front porch (that's going down!) and Greg smartly reused them to create some lovely walkways within the garden space.  Our seedlings are coming along nicely...too young to transplant now, but they'll be ready soon.  Here are some shots from our major push Saturday to get plants & seeds into the ground.

The seedings we started at the end of March.

Getting ready for the herb planting...

 Magda wanted strawberries...they will probably take over everything.

 We are going with the hyper-organized technique of Square Foot Gardening
by Mel Bartholomew.  

 Greg & Luca planting seeds.

Our homemade compost...It is so awesome--really nicely broken down and full of worms.
I am quite proud of it!

I planted 12 tomato plants...do you think that's enough?  : )

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