Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Silly Me or Terrarium Part Deux!

Remember, when, during my first attempt at putting together a terrarium--you know, the one with the scary toy dinosaur and the too-tall thyme--here--& I said: (and I quote...)

oh, dear me..I can't believe I said that--my own pure crassness is actually making me wince right now... Especially after seeing these at Grow Little (please do check this out and don't skip...click here--all exact same site) and keep scrolling down.  You will not believe these absolutely exquisite specimens of fine art terrariums.  A far, far cry from "just plants in a jar"...Of course--the artist does resides in Paris; these are custom works of art that have got to be impossibly expensive and the glass is hand-blown for her by a long line of French family glass blowers.  

Of course.  

Sadly, she will not be making one for me soon.

so...there was only one thing left to do...um...I decided to make one for myself...

First, off--it really helps by NOT going to Home Depot...(since they generally are not in the terrarium business.)  Instead, you should run directly to the MOST expensive purveyor of Thai orchids, state-of-the-art pruners, peat moss-in no less than 15 shades, organic bulbs & exotic house plants that your town can support.  In other words, for me--that is 

This was exactly the right place to go...they had the perfect bowl, the tiny plants AND the charcoal that had eluded me so at--ahem--Home Depot.  They actually had someone on staff that not only approved my choice of plants but she assured me the little gems would be quite happy together...


I have to say, it is satisfying to be around like-minded people--who are as weirdly obsessed with the same stuff as I am...quite satifying...

So, this is it...my terrarium PART DEUX.  It is remarkably beautiful to me, if I do say so myself...I love just looking at it--it is so calming and well, zen-like...Magdalena wants one for her room now.  I think before I go back to Johnson's and plunk down another wad of cash for her's...we will just wait and watch and see how mine does. 

Fingers crossed.

 I'll keep you posted.

1st lay down the gravel, then a thin layer of charcoal, then the dirt. 
Mound  dirt to give height and interest in the "terrain".

Place plants, while still in pots, to figure out where they go.
My terrarium lady at Johnson's strongly advised in favor 
of an odd numbe rof plants...you know, for symmetry.  
"Aaah, " I replied, "yes...symmetry...." Indeed.

Come on now...its PRETTY!!

Don't forget to add the smooth river rocks...or the gnomes...or the unicorns...

Et Volia!

Interested in learning more? 
Check out this excellent New York Times article!

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