Friday, April 1, 2011

I kind of have a love/hate thing going on with the felt that you can buy at Joanne's or Michael's.  I love and am way more into the beautiful soft muted colors of felting thrift store wool sweaters myself OR the $30 set of finer quality felts that the waldorf schools use...but neither do I have the time to felt old sweaters nor can I really justify spending that kind of money. (OK, I did ONCE justify a $30 set of fall colored sheets of felt (beautiful subtle, earthy, autumnal tones!!) but that was because I was making a Thanksgiving banner that will surely be handed down as beloved heirloom from generation to generation-- I'll show it to you in November--you'll see what I mean! ; )

So, there I stand, at Joanne's or Michael's, in front of the metal rack with all kinds of bright, kind of neon felt colors that I am not exactly crazy about but feeling like I have no other choice, because they are--after all--RIGHT there and at only .29 cents a sheet-- a real bargin! 

Now, after all projects I have done with felt, I have many, many sheets of various, brightly, neon/NON-OCCURING-IN-NATURE colored, bought-at-Joanne's FELT.  As I had several sheets spread out in front of me the other night...I was struck by two things:  1) Easter is coming up and I really, really want to do some kind of bunting/banner/garland project and 2) BEANS!!!

Let's just say, I then proceeded to cut out A LOT of various sized oval shapes of felt.

And, then I sewed them all together...

and TA-DA!! a jelly bean Easter color themed decorative's cute, right??  Super easy, too!  It probably won't win any craft awards, but hung around a window, door or across the will add a little whimsey and (artificially bright!) color to any Easter celebration.  


  1. I LOVE this idea!!! . . . and I've always loved felt - probably for the same reason that you were drawn to them. I love all kinds of bright colors, and I can never just decide on ONE! I've already shared this garland technique with another co-worker who is looking for ideas to cover "the dark side" of a bookshelf in her daughters room:) Thanks for the inspiration!

  2. You are welcome Amelia!! Thanks so much for the kind words...I am always so happy to know I've helped with a little inspiration!!

  3. This is gorgeous!i can see this wound around my little girl's bedhead. Thanks...

  4. I love your Easter garland! I will try doing it with my little son. Thank you for the tutorial.

  5. Fun and festive -- and easy for a DIY! Have you browsed the gorgeous wool felt colors at Fabulous.

  6. I absolutely adore garlands and this is so pretty!!