Friday, April 15, 2011

Little Brother Bunny

Here is attempt number two at a cute toy bunny that I couldn't help NOT make...Huge thanks to the awesome Chez Beeper Bebe (along with the awesomely designed pdf) for the great recycled Mooshy Belly Bunny pattern.  Go to the great tutorial to see more..If there is a baby in your life, I think this is quite the perfect little gift for a tug or a hug...and I made it out of 2 of my son's too small t-shirts which is great for at least 2 reasons:
a) our mantra: reduse, reuse recycle 
b) since this is going to Luca's  little cousin, its sweet to have some thing of his to pass along...

The embroidery, like with the first one, is always a little challenging for me, and although its not perfect, I think it turned out well.  As they say when something isn't perfect--it gives him "character."  
I call it a crooked mouth!  But I like it just the same... : )


And here they are together...before they are wrapped off and shipped off to their new home--
hopefully in time for Easter!!.  I like them so much and think they turned out well.  

Big Sis & Little Brother...

I wonder what their new names will be...Can't wait to find out!!
Have a great weekend and I will have more fun Easter stuff next week...

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